Managed Services Provider

Managed Services ProviderTRTS understands that computers are like cars, and thus a scheduled proactive service approach is safer and more cost effective than a reactive approach. Likewise, we have institute a Managed Services and Remote Offsite Backup with the goal of supporting and managing our customers IT needs. These services represent different aspects of proactive IT management such as preventive maintenance, increased security and backup management. They are scheduled on a recurring basis either daily, weekly, or monthly; and are priced at a set price per machine per month.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Managed services from TR Tech Solutions frees IT network professionals from routine maintenance tasks and helps them to focus on more import business. TR Tech Solutions can manage and maintain all aspects of daily activities for the workstations and servers to assure higher performance, lower downtime, and improve the overall security. Majority of the talks are performed remotely, therefore limiting the need of on-site visits and therefore lower the overall cost for IT staff and computer maintenance.

Data Backup

TR Technology Solutions offers services in the area of Backup and Recovery. Data can be stored at secured TRTS Data Storage Centers or locally at your own devices. TRTS Backup tools can help you to secure your data either by backing up entire volume of your critical computer or server or just certain folders and files on your employees’ workstations. Those data can be then accesses and restored at any point in time.

If your company is interested in to have TRTS as your Managed Services Provider, please contact us today!